Sarrah's Words

Truth is what is known, that does not need defining. It is as simple as a smile. One only needs to recognize it. Once set into words, once defined, it is no longer simple, it becomes something we must explore, argue and rationalize


Written 9th January 2014

Your tear puts a calming hand on
my unsheathed sword

A steel beauty I cling to
forged in the heat of betrayal and loss and lies

The justice with which I have wielded my words
The anger fuelling itself
A fire fed by ungrounded fear

When I fight with my full might
I can tear your whole personality apart
and in my mind

precise and complex words
yet you stay silent – not taking the bait

You deserve better than this war

Your tear as you watch me claw at the seams of us
searching for the reason you will leave

Your tear

and I remember
war is not a part of love

The Recovery Prayer

Written 27th Dec 2013
Music: Blue Scholars

Find my heart
I think I left it somewhere near

Open those blinds, it’s just too dark in here

Find my faith
I think I tore it up somewhere back there

Open those windows, it’s been too long since I’ve had a breeze through here

Find my smile
I think I left it with his laughter

Pick up the phone, here is too quiet

Open that book, read the Words – not for me
for her



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