Sarrah's Words

Truth is what is known, that does not need defining. It is as simple as a smile. One only needs to recognize it. Once set into words, once defined, it is no longer simple, it becomes something we must explore, argue and rationalize


To live in this age!

To watch the world mercilessly tear itself apart

To try and not be swept away by the flood of fear, bitterness, and destruction

To try to build, where everyone tears.

To try to love, when everyone fears.

To try to smile, when everyone scowls or blankly stares

But I am only able to try

Because I am not alone in this

We are many, we are not alone

We are only dismissed or invisible because we do not yell

Our actions speak for themselves 

We who create from the soil of a wailing, decayed world

Oh, to live in this age!

Written January 23rd 2017


​The world is so bright and full of light

but it is a neon, twisted, glaring kind of light

Cold and flashy but devoid of nurturing spectrums

Its warmth is falsifying, numbing and decayed
Its brightness is hard and critical

Humanity stretches and glares at these lights
But cannot live off it for long

I long for the light, warmth, and nurturing flame
of the Sun

Written December 27th 2016