Sarrah's Words

Truth is what is known, that does not need defining. It is as simple as a smile. One only needs to recognize it. Once set into words, once defined, it is no longer simple, it becomes something we must explore, argue and rationalize


Paint me crimson
Pull me apart and put me together anew

Let these tender sapling roots grow stretch
spread and multiply within me

Crimson tendrils kick starting my heart

Take hold of me Dig deep in…

Source: Unfurl


I am amazed at our continued appetite for war

to send our men, and now women out to die
or to come home broken
for nothing

It is a shame that the pain from the blood shed
still so fresh in our history, yet no longer in our memories
is not passed down from father to son and daughter and grandchild.

Maybe if we remembered
what it feels like to lose husbands, wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers
in hundreds of thousands, millions even

we would not be so keen
on bringing this kind of misery again to ourselves
and others

and call it heroism or freedom.

Written April 4th 2016, in inspiration from Vera Brittain


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