Sarrah's Words

Truth is what is known, that does not need defining. It is as simple as a smile. One only needs to recognize it. Once set into words, once defined, it is no longer simple, it becomes something we must explore, argue and rationalize

In the Trenches

The world crumbles slowly into pieces
rotting and disintegrating
violently shaking
revolting and numbing

I am not in the trenches
but I see them

I see the bitterness, heedlessness, unhappiness and selfishness of us individuals
I hear the cries of sadness, tears and shouts of fear and enger of the masses
I feel the institutions of hate, injustice and inaction

But at times
I can also see beyond and within this tragedy
Hear the quietly beating heart of humanity and of love
Feel the longing for unity and warmth
and Know the arduous process of building
something new and widely different

I can look into the future

the pain the heart-ache
but also

The slowly emerging growing solution

Written October 7th 2016


This pain is a knowledge, a memory
not to let go of but

Her brilliant and warmly lit eyes as she spoke with me and truly
to my soul

His recognition and knowledge of me
like a brother always prepared
to love and create joy
with his special ways

They were once alive in my everyday life
But now they live their lives far from me

Friendships to be replaced by new places and new peoples and a life changing beautiful love but

These friendships are irreplacable

Written August 17th 2016