Sarrah's Words

Truth is what is known, that does not need defining. It is as simple as a smile. One only needs to recognize it. Once set into words, once defined, it is no longer simple, it becomes something we must explore, argue and rationalize

Thought Meltdown

Laughter in your voice

My throat chokes on the stream of thoughts and emotions bursting from their prison
intending to be logical
hoping to explain
expecting to be understood

Silence from your lips

The fury and fear propelling itself along a dead-end path building on
lost images and time-twisted perceptions
clawing myself into my self-deceptive cave
clinging to haunting images of pain
upholding my demand of justice for
things you never did

That cold wall rising in your eyes as you wait

Tears exploding in the realization of the injustice of what I have said
pleading and apologizing, in a perverse self-deprecation somehow
linked to my arrogance
hoping to erase the words
desperately attempting to bring your softness back
longing for the laughter in your voice
to return

Written March 12th 2015


I have had a taste of glory
of true happiness and balance
inner harmony
A taste of who I can be.

A darkness, a sadness so familiar
I lay my head upon it for rest
I tug it around me when I fear
This lethargy sapping my lifetime
away from me.

It is not about functioning.

It is about affecting, positively
rather than
assimilating the sarcasm
                        the false empathy
                        the egoism
                        the gossip

Before my life escapes me.

Written February 26th 2015


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